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For Participants: Counseling

Adult Individual and Family Counseling

A diagnosis of cancer bring about a lot of changes- and new emotions -when it touches a family. Talking with a professional is one way to cope with anxiety, sadness, and the "What now?" feeling that cancer can bring. Stewart's offers short-term counseling sessions for adult individuals, couples, and families.

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Medication Consultations

These one-on-one medication consultations with a pharmacist can help you better understand over-the-counter drugs, herbs and vitamins and will address your specific medication and supplement questions. 45-minute sessions. Call 330-836-1772 to schedule an appointment. 

Nutritional Counseling

Individualized sessions with a registered dietitian to discuss issues related to loss of appetite, taste changes, weight gain or weight loss, meal plans, and food preparation. Feel free to bring a caretaker or loved one with you. 30-minute appointments. 

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Taking the Next Step: Wellness after Treatment

Have you or someone you love recently finished cancer treatment? These one-hour sessions with a nurse review practical, research-based ways to reach your healthy living goals through nutrition and movement. Please call 330-836-1772 for an appointment.

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