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For Caregivers: Workshops & Social Events

Intimacy, Sexual Health and Cancer

Monday, March 27

Join Valerie Padd, RNBSN as we discuss intimacy, sexual health and cancer. 

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Qi Gong Workshop

Saturday, April 1
10:00am - 4:00pm 

The Medical Qigong taught by Michael W. Stadul incorporates the best of his over three decades of experience with the most successful eastern energy healing paradigms.  The core of his teaching is the “Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down” method of Chinese Medical Qigong . The Medical Qigong training program works much like cultivating a garden.  Through time, patience and committed practice one cultivates inner strength, balance within and the ability to prevent or heal ailments.

You will learn a 20 minute Chinese Qigong routine that, with dedicated daily practice, has been proven to eliminate many chronic illnesses.  It was taught at the world’s largest “medicineless” hospital in China where thousands of people of all ages came every month to learn the self -healing techniques.

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Mix En Plus -- The Beauty of "Make Ready"

Tuesday, April 4

Chop once, cook twice… or even three times. Get ideas for creating multiple meals from a single prep session. Program presented by Green for Pink.

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Toxic Awareness

Tuesday, April 25

Join Joy Wright toxicologist and holistic educator as we explore toxic awareness in your home. Learn how to reduce your exposure and change your environment.

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Webinar: Disclosure, Privacy & Online Brand

Wednesday, June 7

This webinar will provide information to help patients think through disclosing their diagnosis, protecting their privacy and managing their online brand. Topics discussed will include, deciding whether to work or take time off, how to access rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as online brand management, including thinking through disclosure on social media.

In partnership with Cancer and Careers.

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Salad through the Seasons

Friday, June 16

Learn about the flexible salad formula allows you to build your own creation based on what's in season. Program presented by Green for Pink.


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