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“Being diagnosed with cancer kind of put me in a club or a group that I didn’t want to sign up for, I call it my C Club. Those with cancer diagnosis know what it’s like. So, making new friends and connecting with people there’s a sense of community here at Stewart’s.”
– Bonnie B., Participant

“I am so grateful that I found Stewart’s Caring Place as I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. In the midst of all the medical tests and difficult procedures, Stewart’s offered support, resources and services that gave me relief and hope.”
– Ruth, Participant

“I’m thankful each and every day for the loving and caring staff of Stewart’s Caring Place, as well as the awesome services you provide for cancer patients and caregivers. The services have touched my mind, body and soul aiding me in my healing as I go through my journey with cancer. Thank you Stewart’s Caring Place for all you have done for me!”
– Leslie, Participant

“Stewart’s work is non-clinical, yet critical in supporting healthier outcomes through reducing the negative impact of emotional stress, and providing relief to patients and caregivers.”
– John Borstein, Hope Walk Committee Chair

“My first and continued impression of the Stewart’s staff is that this group of people is focused, committed, caring, compassionate, resourceful, respectful, resilient and responsive to the internal and external needs of Stewart’s Caring Place. I am very proud to be associated with this team and contribute in my own small way.”
– David, Volunteer

“With my mother’s discovery of Stewart’s Caring Place, she found a place where she was listened to, understood, supported, and lifted up in a very real way.”
– Ben, Participant

“My wife participated in several programs at Stewart’s during her cancer journey. This deeply caring and dedicated staff operates on the principle: if we don’t offer what you need, we will find it for you.”
– Dick, Volunteer

“God bless the work of their hands and hearts! I was treated with such care, understanding and compassion I will never forget! They truly make a difference.”
– Leah, Participant

“As the wife of a cancer patient who lost his battle on May 25, 2018, I can say that every visit to Stewart’s Caring Place greeted us or left us with a feeling of warmth and a sense of security and support during our journey.”
– Susan, Participant

Why People Love to Support Stewart's
Mimi Surloff
Mimi Surloff Founding Member
Stewart shared the struggles and triumphs of his cancer experience, and taught us that there is more to cancer than chemotherapy and surgery.
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