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butterfly box
The contents of a Butterfly Box on display

For those in treatment or caring for a loved one, it may be difficult to attend scheduled programs, but we recognize the need to stay connected and maintain personal growth is essential. We are thrilled to now offer a variety of Butterfly Boxes (appropriate for all ages) to help you or someone you love find inspiration and strength during their personal journey with cancer. Each Butterfly Box contains art or writing materials and self-guided instructions that encourage self-expression through creativity, mindfulness and play.

Reserving a Butterfly Box or Collection can be done by a participant, for a participant, as a surprise from a loved one or friend, as a pay-it-forward in honor or memory of a participant, to an adult, teen or child undergoing treatment, and to caregivers and survivors.


Clay Work (Available January 1st – February 10th)
Clay, like pain, can be worked and reworked into something entirely new. Clay work helps individuals to reclaim the self by awakening creativity and healing.

Watercolor (Available February 11th – March 20th)
Watercolor painting involves being in the flow, using water to change the saturation of a painted surface. Allowing oneself to experiment with the process of watercolor promotes energy.

Zen Collage (Available March 21st – April 30th)
Collage can be a meditative and relaxing method of piecing together imagery with bits and pieces of color, shape and pattern. Working with parts to create a whole, helps increase focus and self confidence.


Story Preserves (Available January 1st – February 10th)
Taking a moment to reframe and document the meaningful chapters of your life story brings renewed perspective to where you are on your current journey.

Restorative Journaling (Available February 11th – March 20th)
Writing down your thoughts in response to journal prompts gives shape to emotions such as frustration, sadness, hopefulness and anger.

Ink Dreamscapes (Available March 21st – April 30th)
The imperfect process of mark-making with brush and ink fosters renewed self-awareness and living in the moment.


Pieces and Parts Tinkering (Available January 1st – February 10th)
Thoughtfully arranging found objects and materials from nature engages the senses and promotes flexible thinking, helping one to respond rather than react to obstacles that may come their way.

Tiny Environments (Available February 11th – March 20th)
Big dreams evolve from small ideas. Focusing on completing tiny succulent plant environments purifies one’s home environment and provides new growth to tend.

Word Play (Available March 21st – April 30th)
Reframe difficult life events by using humor, metaphor, and wordplay to create a new narrative for your life experiences.

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