Group Fitness & Betsy's Bliss Yoga

All programs are offered in person or virtual. Group fitness programs are open to individuals of all fitness levels. If attending in person yoga classes, please bring your own yoga mat and water bottle.

Strength Building

Use light hand weights to gradually regain muscle tone, core strength and energy. Go at your own pace and participate at your own comfort level by standing or remaining seated during exercises.


Yoga for Balance and Mobility

Increase your personal energy flow with this basic yoga routine.

There will be no class on July 4th.

Private Yoga Therapy

One on one sessions focus on individual needs using methods that are gentle, restorative, and help unwind old movement patterns for a freer physical experience. Sessions are up to 60 minutes.

Chair Yoga

A gentle type of yoga performed while seated. This program is especially appropriate for those looking to increase flexibility and range of motion without performing complicated poses. Choose a sturdy seat for ease of movement.

All Levels Yoga

A strengthening class for mobility, stability and range of motion.

Rest & Restore

This class puts you in restorative yoga poses for deep rest, relaxation, and healing for the mind, body, and spirit.

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